India Film and Documentary Visa

If you’re planning on making a commercial film or TV show in India, from April 1, 2017, you’ll need to apply for a Film visa. The visa application is reviewed and processed by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting within 60 days. It’s valid of up to one year. Anyone shooting a documentary film or advertisement must apply for a Journalist visa.

A ‘FILM VISA’ will be granted to individuals undertaking the following activities.

  • Feature Film Shooting
  • Television shooting
  • Reality T. V. show shooting
  • Commercial Serial Shooting
  • Cinema shooting

You are required to possess a valid passport with a valid Indian visa before you start your travel to India. Every traveller must each have a valid visa to travel to India.

Film person/Intern for film purpose who intends to travel to India to work in Indian media organizations should apply for an Employment Visa.

Applicants applying for full time film course in educational institutes/universities recognized by Government of India should apply for student visa.

Duration & Validity

  • A Film Visa is usually issued as per the schedule submitted or 1 year whichever is early.
  • Single or Double or multiple entry film visa is issued.

Validity of a Film Visa commences from the date of visa issuance and NOT from the date of entry into India.

Document required for india Film visa application

  • Application form * 1
  • Colour photo * 1 (3,5 x 4,5 cms)
  • Original passport
  • Copy of the return ticket or reservation
  • Letter from the company where the applicant/s is/are employed with the DETAILED information about the subject of documentary or filming along with the number of places to be visited
  • Letter with the full names and surnames of all the applicant/s along with the number of passport/s
  • A seperate letter with the information about the kind of equipment and number of units to be used in India along with their total value in USD
  • Letter from the Indian partner (if any) duly addressed to the Embassy of India with the detailed information regarding the documentary or filming
  • MUST have a copy of the letter of permission for filming or documentary from the Ministry of External Affairs, India
  • MUST have the copy of the letter of permission for filming or documentary from the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, India





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