India Intern Visa

Before April 1, 2017, it was necessary for foreigners pursuing an internship in an Indian organization to obtain an Employment visa. However, foreigners who meet certain conditions can now get an Intern visa. The gap between the completion of graduation or post graduation and the commencement of the internship should not exceed one year. The validity of the Intern visa is restricted to the duration of the internship program or one year, which ever is less. It can’t be converted into an Employment visa (or any other type of visa).

An Intern Visa is granted subject to fulfillment of the following conditions:

  1. The foreign national must comply will all legal requirements like payment of tax liabilities etc.
  2. The documents pertaining to the proposed intern will be thoroughly checked to decide the category of visa that may be issued to the foreigner.
  3. The name of the sponsoring employer/organization shall be clearly stipulated in the visa sticker.
  4. The Indian organization/entity that sponsors an Intern Visa does not necessarily have to be the legal employer of the person.
  5. The intern must provide a letter from The Indian Company/ Educational institution / NGO concerned sponsoring the foreign national for the internship programme and clearly indicate the period of internship. This letter has to be on a company letter head duly signed and stamped.
  6. An undertaking letter is required from the company in India confirming that the company/organization/NGO concerned will ensure the departure of the foreigner on completion of Internship. This letter has to be on a company letter head duly signed and stamped.
  7. The intern must provide a letter from the company in India taking responsibility for the activities and conduct of the applicant during his/her stay in India and repatriation, if ever necessary. This letter has to be on a company letter head duly signed and stamped.
  8. In case of paid intern a remuneration documents have to be enclosed with the amount and confirming that the tax will be paid as per the guidelines implemented by Government of India. This document has to be on a company letter head duly signed and stamped.
  9. In case of paid intern, MINIMUM REMUNERATION IS 65,000/month or 7.8 LAKH per annum for interns wanting to pursue internship in companies. However, there is no minimum salary limit in case of internship in educational institute/NGO.
  10. The intern is required to provide their Current Graduation / Post-Graduation certificate.
  11. The gap between completion of graduation / post-graduation and commencement of internship should NOT be more than 1 year.

Charity / Non Profit Documentation

  • An Intern Visa Applicant who intends to do volunteer work with charities or non-profit organizations must include a letter from the sponsoring organization in India on letterhead indicating the nature and the duration of the visit and place of work.
  • The same letter must also be signed by an authorized signatory.
  • The letter from the sponsoring organization needs to state whether the applicant will be a paid or non-paid intern

Documents required for india intern visa

  • Application form * 1
  • Colour photo * 1 ( 3,5 x 4,5 cms)
  • Original passport
  • Copy of return ticket or reservation
  • Letter of internship offer from AIESEC Poland
  • AIESEC student acceptance note from AIESEC Poland duly signed by the intern
  • Letter of invitation from Indian company or organisation duly signed and stamped by an authorised person with the complete information regarding the subject of internship along with the total duration mentioned
  • Copy of the certificate of in-corporation of Indian company or organisation
  • Letter from AIESEC India with the information about internship
  • Company/organisation acceptance letter from AIESEC India

NOTE: A foreigner living in Poland can apply for an AIESEC internship visa in Embassy of India, Warsaw provided she/he has a residence permit to Poland (or certificate of registering the residence, in case of European Union citizens)

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